Our Mission & Vision

Our values are the source of our strength. They provide the framework within which we carry out our vision. Our values help develop our educational culture and enable our students become productive and integrate with the society in a manner that blends change with continuity and morale with academics. We believe that children can be best educated when they are taught with examples of moral values and standards. Tolerance and correct understanding of one's and other's religion is crucial towards building a harmonious society since

From the Prinpal desk

The word 'education' can best be understood in the Indian context from two of the words derived from Sanskrit, 'shiksha' and 'vidya'. While the former means 'to discipline' the latter means 'to know'. Put together, this shows that disciplining the mind and imparting knowledge were the foremost considerations in India and conforms to Aristotle's universal definition of education - “Education is the creation of a sound mind in a sound body.” This understanding of education takes us close to the very first revelation of the Holy Quran “Read in the name of your Lord.”

A note from the Chief Administrator

Jibreel International School has successfully completed its eight-year educational journey. The journey hasn’t been easy but we have persevered. Founded by the sincere prayer and generous hands of Maulana Syed Rabey Hasani Nadvi - the president of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, the school has earned growing popularity in and around the city. It's up-to date educational environment and standard academic syllabus has made it a school of repute. Our academic and cultural events too have found much appreciation among our parents and well-wishers. We constantly strive to give our students the best and all-round enrichment to gift our society with leaders of tomorrow.

The committed effort of the Islamic scholars has enabled us to design a curriculum for theology that is unmatched till date. Our provision for those wanting to do Hifz have also lead us to give several huffaz over the years. This session 2015-16 we plan to award our students with certificates for their completion of studies in theology as well as for the completion of their Hifz. Attempts are made to offer our students with international certifications as well.

We are grateful for the overwhelming support of the parents and are hopeful of their prayers for the success and bright future of the school.

Dr. N. Sabah Ismail Nadvi
Chief Administrator

A Note From The Bursar

Enriching and enlightening the students with spiritual knowledge and modern scientific education has now become the benchmark of Jibreel International School. In the process, whatsoever the matter may be, we hardly compromise with the quality and standard of education. The entire system, if observed closely can tell you the whole tale. The up-to-date system and the dream campus that we aim to come up with on our newly procured plot of land have compelled us to have a standard fee structure. Hope the far-sighted and wise parents can easily understand and co-operate with us in running the system smoothly and systematically. We appreciate the co-operation shown in the past and we are hopeful of a healthier relationship in future.

Imran Ahmed

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    Admission Going on for 2018-19, Forms available from 3rd October 2017....

Admission Going on 2018-19