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  1. Irregular attendance, unjustified and unexplained absence, habitual late coming, disobedience or objectionable behaviour of any kind may result in the removal of a student from the school.
  2. School property, willfully damaged or destroyed by any student, will have to be made good. In addition a fine may also be imposed.
  3. Use of unfair means and/or possession of unauthorized material in any assessment will result in the annulment of a student's entire Term Results. A student who renders unfair assistance to another is equally culpable and will therefore share in the punishment. Repetition of such an offence will result in the removal of the offender's name from  school rolls.
  4. Students caught with things forbidden will be strictly dealt with. The things that they are caught with will be confiscated and returned only to the parents, after they take responsibility and submit a letter of request.
  5. The Principal may, in the interest of the school, have a student's name removed from the school rolls if, in the former's opinion the student has failed to accept the discipline of the school and his/her continued presence is detrimental to the interests of the other students and/or the student fails to come up to the academic standard of his/her class, when the detention of the boy/girl in the same class would make him/her too old for his/her class or whose sickness is liable to be infectious or infect other students.
  6. All disciplinary issues will be addressed in the 'Discipline Section' of the school app/school diary.
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