Rules & Regulation

01. The school expects its students to have 100% attendance unless prevented by illness or due to unavoidable/unforeseen circumstances but in no case it should be less than 80% failing which the child may not be promoted to the next class.

02. The school gate will be closed after the start of the first class.

03. Students, who are late, will be marked LATE in the Regularity Record.

04. Any student, who is late for more than 3 times in a month, may be sent home without further information to the parents.

05. For a student, who remains absent from the class, his/her Parent/Guardian must give the reason/justification for such absence in writing.

06. If a student is absent for a period of three days or more at a stretch due to illness, a Doctor's Certificate must be produced on the student's return to the School.

07. Student's afflicted by infectious diseases or exposed to such diseases at their home must complete the quarantine period before rejoining school.

08. If a student is absent from the School during the Unit Tests, Block Test or Terminal Examinations, he/she will be marked absent and no test will be taken later.

09. A student absenting from the class for 15 consecutive days without information and permission of the Principal/Vice-Principal/Unit In-charge may be removed from the rolls, and to continue again, a fresh admission may have to be sought.

10. In case of any calamity/serious illness in the family, the student may be permitted to go home on the strength of a written request by the Parent/Guardian.

11. If an appointment is made with a doctor, the child must not be sent to school on that day. Requests to send students home early after unit tests etc. will be automatically turned down.

12. Attendance is compulsory on the reopening day of the school after Summer/Eid/Puja/Winter Holidays failing which a fine and/or disciplinary action will be imposed/initiated against the absenting student.

13. The Principal/Vice-Principal/Unit In-charge is the sole authority in granting leave to the students.