Desk Management

From Principal Desk

The word 'education' can best be understood in the Indian context from two of the words derived from Sanskrit, 'shiksha' and 'vidya'. While the former means 'to discipline' the latter means 'to know'. Put together, this shows that disciplining the mind and imparting knowledge were the foremost considerations in India and conforms to Aristotle's universal definition of education - “Education is the creation of a sound mind in a sound body.” This understanding of education takes us close to the very first revelation of the Holy Quran “Read in the name of your Lord.”

We at Jibreel International School have adopted this revelation as our motto which aims at transforming the children into human persons committed to work for the creation of human communities of love, fellowship, freedom, justice and harmony. Students are to be moulded only by making them experience the significance of these values in the school itself.

Education in the broadest sense of the term is meant to aid the human being in his/her pursuit of wholeness. Wholeness implies the harmonious development of all the potentialities the Almighty has given to an individual. True education is the harmonious development of the physical, mental, moral (spiritual), and social faculties, the four dimensions of life, for a life of dedicated service.

I am afraid, this underlying purpose and philosophy of education has somewhere gone missing or ignored or compromised with in pursuit of the material which perhaps accounts for most of the chaos that this human race has been plagued with. At Jibreel International School we promise you quality modern education amidst an atmosphere most conducive to building on values and ethics. We welcome your ward in our school and assure you that we will try to give him/her the best education encompassing the material and the spiritual.

Having said this I must say that if education is a coin, school with its system is just one side of it; the other side being home and the parents. We are thankful that our parents have come forward and co-operated us well in accomplishing our goals thus far and we are hopeful of an extended support in future. With the blessings of the Supreme Being above and the support of the parents and well-wishers we pledge to give our nation a perennial supply of geniuses and gift the world with gems of the human race.

I feel pleased to inform our parents that the school has procured a plot of its own and have all plans set to come up with its dream campus on the plot very soon.


Abdul Basit Ismail