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Who we are ( Given below is the brief summary of Jibreel International School: )

What is JIS?

Jibreel International School (JIS) stands as a distinguished English Medium School, committed to nurturing holistic development in students through a comprehensive curriculum that blends academic rigor, moral education, and cultural understanding. At JIS, we embrace modernity while upholding ethical values, equipping students with the tools they need to excel academically and ethically.

Syllabus and Curriculum:

Aligned with the standards set by CISCE (New Delhi), JIS offers a robust syllabus that encompasses General Studies subjects of the highest quality. Our curriculum extends beyond academics to include Moral Education and Scripture Studies for Muslim students.


JIS is dedicated to creating an environment that supports optimal learning. Our modern facilities and advanced technology empower students to reach their fullest potential.


The school is in the process of getting affiliation from a recognised National Board, preferably CISCE (New Delhi). The school is currently following the ICSE Curriculum.

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