Special Features

The curriculum works on a five-language formula with English as the medium of instruction and Arabic as a special language. The other three include Hindi, Bengali and Urdu taken as compulsory second and third language at different stages.

Dedicated and well-trained teachers for all academic subjects. Arrangement for teacher’s workshops and seminars to keep the teachers updated to the modern methodologies and help them strategise better.

  • Extra curricular activities for students like Annual Sports, Oratory Workshops, Quiz, Elocution and others. Audio & Video sessions for children.
  • Provision for Montessori Apparatus for Nursery classes.
  • Learning of Poems and Nasheeds with the help of multimedia.
  • Parents’ workshop and counseling.
  • Proper emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Provision for co-curricular classes including Self-Defense and Martial Arts.